Past Projects

1964 1/2 Mustang coupe fully restored, 260 V8, 4 speed. This car is highly detailed top and bottom. Ready or the car shows. A beautiful automobile.

1955 Chevrolet supercharged 454, overdrive automatic transmission. Custom exhaust and more was done by Custom Classic Auto Service. Notice the chrome and polished aluminum under this 55 hood! Owner (Jack) stands proudly beside his car.DSC00002DSC00003DSC00001                                                          1937 Packard 6 in for repair. This car is to be repaired front to rear and be made a dependable driver.                                                                           .DSC00002 DSC00018DSC00017DSC00014DSC00016A RARE 1948 Packard Woody Wagon super 8 in for repair. Enjoy the photos.DSC00029DSC00031DSC00030DSC00032DSC00037DSC00033DSC00035DSC00036DSC00034DSC00046DSC00047DSC00048DSC00049DSC00044DSC00038DSC00039DSC00040DSC00010DSC000121964 Chevy Impala 409 for repairs.DSC00036DSC00039DSC00012DSC00014DSC000381940 Hudson in for repair. A true barn find with plenty of dust. It has not run in years. Our job is to get this Hudson running and to safely put it back onto the road again.DSC00032DSC00024Plenty of dust! Jason writes our company name into the back window. lolDSC000261940 Hudson 6 with 25+ years of dust.DSC00025This is a sealed wet clutch assembly. Hudsonite clutch fluid was added.DSC00026Notice the throwout bearing has a leather seal around it. This is to keep the Hudsonite fluid from being thrown out. There is a gasket seal between the clutch disc and the flywheel.DSC00027Rebuilt Hudson 6 engine with clutch assembly installed.DSC00028DSC00029DSC00034Original Hudson 6 volt generator.DSC00035DSC00037Rebuilt original water pump shown.DSC00036DSC00038There is a small notch in the water pump. This small notch and the small notch in the gasket must align up.DSC00039Generator, starter, and water pump shown installed.DSC00040DSC00041Block coolant cover shown installed.DSC00044Lifters, valve springs, and rebuilt fuel pump shown.DSC00047Valve engine covers shown installed with breather tubes.DSC00048Rebuilt engine being installed. Both engine and transmission mounts were replaced.DSC00049DSC000501940 Hudson 6 two piece oil pan shown.DSC00051DSC00052DSC00053This oil pan has screens to filter the oil. There is no oil filter on this engine.DSC00054Notice the screens in this photo. A unique oil pan.DSC00055DSC00056DSC00057Bootom view of this engine.DSC00058Notice the oil dippers or slingers on the rods.DSC00059Each rod will grab the oil from the oil pan as shown here. We did fill this portion of the pan with oil before installing it onto the engine. This will ensure that the new engine has oil instantly when it starts for the first time.DSC00060DSC00061All pistons have the arrow facing the front of the engine. This engine was bored .040 oversize.DSC00062DSC00063DSC00064Bottom view of cylinder head. All has been cleaned and ready to install.DSC00067Original Hudson 6 distributor shown.DSC00068Distrubitor with grease cup.DSC00069Vacuum canister shown.DSC00070Heater by pass valve shown with leather seal and spring.DSC00071DSC00072Heater by pass valve assembled.DSC00073The heater by pass valve sits on top of the head. It is controlled by a cable on the dash.DSC00003DSC00004Original air cleaner, carburetor,and heat shield shown in this photo.DSC00005DSC00002Notice that the hood tilts to the front as original.DSC00009DSC00010DSC00011DSC00012DSC00014DSC00015DSC00001DSC00007DSC000081947 Chevy coupe with many accessories. Our shop installed the original windshield washer bottle, button and necessary hoses. A whistler was also added to the emergency foot brake. This is a fine looking 1947 Chevy coupe.dsc00040dsc00037dsc00038dsc00039dsc00043dsc00044dsc00046dsc00045Notice back up light!dsc000421970 Mach 1 Mustang in for complete restoration. Upgrades include rebuilding the original 351W engine. An AOD overdrive transmission will be rebuilt and installed. A power 2 piston  front disc brake system will be added for comfortable braking. New gas tank, new fuel and brake lines are added. The complete power steering system and cylinders were rebuilt. New headman headers and dual exhaust will be fabricated. The interior will have new seat covers and carpet added.DSC00035Old engine being pulled from the car. It will be rebuilt.DSC00036The engine compartment has been cleaned, sanded, painted and ready for the rebuilt engine and rebuilt AOD transmission to be installed.DSC00030DSC00031Shock tower and front panel had to be replaced on the right side. Left torque box and floor pan had to be replaced. All was coated in epoxy black paint.DSC00001DSC00002DSC00003DSC00004Now we have a very solid, rust free car.

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