custom Classic1                                                   DSC00002                                                                                                 DSC00199My friend Dave owned this 1955 Chevy. The bad apple! A beautiful, fast car. Sharonville, Ohio car show 2017.DSC00200Tri Five Nationals 2017 in Bowling Green, Ky. Enjoy the photos below.   .DSC00048DSC00047DSC00037DSC00035DSC00010Plenty of gassers at the 2017 Tri-Five nationals this year.DSC00015DSC00025DSC00016DSC000051957 Chevy having a little trouble at the Tri-Five Nationals.DSC00013Jeff Lutz new 1957 Chevy. Seen for the first time at the 2017 Tri-Five Nationals.DSC00022Jeff Lutz about to run his new  532 cubic inch twin turbo 1957 Chevy car down the drag track for the first time at the Tri-Five Nationals.DSC00011Jeff Lutz son had his 1500 HP Honda Civic on display at the Tri-Five Nationals DSC00024DSC00039DSC00040DSC00036DSC00055DSC00056DSC00057DSC00042DSC00041DSC00045DSC000461955-57 Chevys lined up as far as you can see. Wow!DSC00014DSC00052DSC00053DSC00012DSC00054DSC00051DSC00050                                     .Shown below is a factory air condition unit on a 1957 Chevrolet. A rare option. Power steering unit behind the generator also shown in this photo.DSC00021Shown below is a factory fuel injection unit and power brake unit on a 1957 Chevrolet. All rare options.DSC00017DSC00018

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