Past projects

1953 Mercury in for repair. The old flat head engine spun a rod bearing. The engine will be rebuilt, detailed and put back into this show car.

1965 F100 pickup in for paint, bed wood and more. This is a beautiful show quality Ford truck. The owner stands proudly with his truck.
DSC00035 DSC00032 DSC00003 DSC00001DSC00028DSC00029DSC00030

1931 Cadillac in for several repairs. Many were just oil leaks. Nice automobile!DSC00234DSC00235DSC00232                   1956 Ford receives a rebuilt 302 engine, 5 speed manual transmission, and detailed engine compartment. Shown is the newly fabricated clutch pedal that went into this car. IMG_0658IMG_0666IMG_0674                1963 Buick convertible.This car had the original nailhead engine rebuilt, engine compartment painted and detailed, wiring issues repaired, an AirRide system installed. IMG_0489IMG_0488IMG_0490IMG_0487IMG_0494IMG_0519

Aston Martin. This 1998 Aston Martin DB7 Aston Martinin for service for diagnostic work and full service.





1965 Mustang GT Fast Back (4 speed) in for 1965 Mustang GTMultiple Improvements


This beautiful Corvette is in for many upgrades.

61 corvette
Beautiful original 1937 Packard 6 in for mechanical repair. It has sit many years. When finished, it will be driven 90 miles north to a family reunion. At this point, it will be driven another 90 miles to its final destination. All went well with no problems at 55 to 60 mph. I did hear that tears was shed when Amy and her sister saw this car! They did ride in the back seat many years ago when younger. Beautiful memories from the past!! This is a one family car. Thanks Amy and Matt for the business and pleasure to restore this fine vehicle. Please enjoy the photos.
1 DSC00033DSC00027DSC00030DSC00029DSC00025DSC00014DSC00002DSC00012DSC00023DSC00022DSC00021DSC00024DSC00018DSC00014DSC00017DSC00016DSC00017DSC00031DSC00001DSC00002DSC00003DSC00004DSC00005DSC00008DSC00007DSC00026DSC00027DSC00004A low mile1963 Rambler 660 in for several repairs. This spunky little car has its original 287 V8 engine and a flash-o-matic Borg Warner 3 speed automatic transmission. All original AMC car. 73K miles.DSC00254 DSC00253 DSC00255 DSC00256 DSC002491967 chevrolet C10 pickup in to have many changes made. A rebuilt ’67 Chevy 327 engine will be added, a rebuilt 700R4 auto transmission added, tilt column, power disc brakes added, new instrument cluster, dual exhaust, and more to make this truck handle like the newer cars today. Enjoy the photos.DSC00001 DSC00002 DSC00003 This old 6 cylinder is coming out and being replaced with a rebuilt ’67 chevy 327 engine.DSC00227 This 6 cylinder and manual shift transmission is almost out !!!DSC00228 New power disc brakes being added.DSC00229 DSC00230 New rockers being added.DSC00220 The new rebuilt 327 and 700R4 transmission are now in place.  New power brake booster.DSC00004

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